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Please fill out the Liability Waiver prior to attending

Family Open Gym. 

This waiver needs to be filled out once a year.


June 10-August 23: No Family Open Gym. We will be taking a break from Family Open Gym in the Summer .


*** Family Open Gym will resume in the Fall (times and days TBD). ***


$10.00 per child

Cash only.

Open to Infants-6 years of age.

Infants/toddlers (once walking) up to age 6 are required to pay $10.00 each.

Adults and infants (newborn-18 months) are FREE!

*Child must have Adult present at all times!*  



Feel free to drop off your child at the gym if they are at least 6 years old.


Please, fill out the Liability Waiver prior to attending Open Gym. 

This waiver needs to be filled out once a year.

Saturday's 6:00 - 7:30 PM


$10.00 per person

Cash/Check only.

Checks payable to R&B Training Center.


No Swearing.

No Horseplay.

One person on a trampoline at a time.

Tumble Trak - Unlimited as long as everyone jumps the same direction.

No jumping from beam to beam.

No diving into the foam pit, feet first only.

Watch for others when jumping into the foam pit.

Bars are for TEAM girls only.

No double back flips.

No food, gum, or drink inside the gym.

If you don't listen you may be asked to leave.

Phones or valuables may be kept behind the counter if asked.

rope climb 1.jpg

You may choose a two hour time block on Saturday or Sunday afternoons:


SATURDAY     1:00 - 3:00 PM - $245.00

SATURDAY     3:30 - 5:30 PM - $245.00

 SUNDAY         12:30 - 2:30 PM - $245.00

SUNDAY           3:00 - 5:00 PM - $245.00


*Includes full use of our facility. Gymnastics instruction is optional.

We also offer times in the afternoon during the week.

Please, call to get those dates/times, ask for extended time options!


Please, fill out the Liability Waiver for each child attending prior to the party. 

This waiver needs to be filled out once a year.


When hosting your Birthday Party at Ultimate Fusion you are allotted a 2 hour time slot for party fun! We provide the table, chairs, and gym to you! Arrive up to 15 minutes early to bring in and set up any decorations, as well as food/drink that you would like to serve your party goers. Our party host will provide rules, and allow the children to begin playing. Foam pit, rope climb/swing, trampolines, spring floor along with an obstacle course! The last 30 minutes will be for cake and presents (if you choose to do so), or they can continue with play until the end! Please, call ahead to see what time slots we have available for your party! Payment is due at the time of registration.

Unlimited number of children able to attend.

To book your party, please call us at (920) 886-1046.

Cancelation/Reschedule Policy:

  • If you need to cancel your reservation, please, notify us at least 24 hours prior to the event date (you will be issued a credit to your account for $120 of the $245).

  • If you would like to reschedule your event for a different day, please, notify us at least 48 hours prior to the event date to reschedule (at a $20 Charge). 

  • If you cancel the day of the event you will not receive a credit.

  • If we cancel due to weather, you will receive a credit to your account for $245 or can reschedule at no additional cost.

***In the event of an urgent time sensitive situation, and you are unable to connect with Ultimate Fusion office staff, please do not hesitate to contact the owners, Mikal or Trina, directly to address your predicament. Mikal and Trina will do their due diligence to address your needs. Contact Mikal at 920-277-8263 or Trina at 920-378-9943.***

Salvation Army Childrens Learning Center

Ultimate Fusion Athletics has special programs designed for youth groups to work on team building, getting to know one another better, and some free time to play and have fun.  Please contact us for more details and to put together a program that will best benefit your group.

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